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Carol said:   July 4, 2012 1:49 pm PST
Buddy, you have always been more than an actor. Always thought of you as a super sweetheart and a cut above..

Peter Anthony Holder said:   June 14, 2012 4:13 pm PST
I have uploaded another YouTube slide show as a companion to an audio interview. This time it is a retro interview with a star no longer with us. It’s Buddy Ebsen. The interview goes back to March of 1994, when a then 85 year-old Buddy was talking about his autobiography, "The Other Side Of Oz," which shed light on his career and the fact that he was originally cast as the Tin Man in the Wizard Of Oz, but had to be replace. You can find the Buddy Ebsen interview at: I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to leave a comment on the site if you’re so inclined. Peter Anthony Holder Host: The Stuph File Program

D. Sam Parr said:   June 13, 2012 12:09 pm PST
I saw a clip of Buddy just the other day. What he said got through to me as no other form of this philosophy has. It's what he said that he'd told his boys: "Every day's a new ballgame." It's a great way to look at the game of life! ... Hey, I won todays game!!!:)

Dee said:   June 10, 2012 6:21 pm PST
Just finished watching Wizard of Oz and the information show about behind the scenes. Wow, no idea what Buddy went through. It was kind of rotten of them to cast someone else while Buddy was recuperating. Glad there is still footage of him in costume. I've seen a lot of Buddy lately on TCM. I so enjoy watching him dance! Thanks for this website. Might I suggest more information on him, such as a biography? I didn't see that here. This site needs more personal information on him and his family.

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